23 September 2011


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14 April 2009


Here are my addresses.

Elder Calvin Moisés Juárez
England London South Mission
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604

Elder Calvin Moisés Juárez
England London South Mission
The London Temple
West Park Road
Newchapel, Surrey
England RH7 6NB

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02 April 2009

2 Weeks

Yesterday was the 2-week-preversary of the MTC for me. "I'll be outta here in 14 days," I kept thinking to myself. Well, actually, I was thinking "fortnight", but I digress. There's so much I wanted to do, but I know I'll forget most of it, or else be too Spirit-minded to really enjoy a lot of it. I wanted to start a band, go longboarding, catch a concert, commit "Nothing Better" by the Postal Service to memory, and finish the world tour on Rock Band.

Some things I think may have been good for me are:
1. A real date (number 5, it would be, for those of you keeping track at home). I'm not into dating 'cause I'm scared; not entirely of being rejected, more of her accepting and then my having to actually go through with it. I'mso terrible when it comes to people.
2. Shaved more (current count is 7, I think), although I haven't had to, which rocks!
3. A kiss. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of my VL status, I just wonder what all the hype is about.

As I look back on the month since I got my call, I notice I've become much more family-concious. I find that the more closely I follow the commandments of the Lord, the more aware I am of my siblings. I have been trying not to forget about my siblings. I try to spend time with each and all of them; I don't want to leave thinking what I did when Sean left, "I missed it."

Sibs and padres, I love you guys.